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Hula is the result of what happens when the days are short and the nights long and cold…. somewhere along the way, a bright and sunny soul came into our lives and we’ve never been the same.  Hula is our delightful female and the epitome of what a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier should be.  She is bright, sprightly and loyal, beautiful and kind, never met a stranger and will welcome anyone with joy.  Her parents, Max and Sophie are stellar representations of the breed and Hula is sure to follow suit.  Hula has been raised alongside our Fjord foals and within our therapy program and knows well what it means to care and take care.  Puppies born and raised at Sunnyside Farms will fit into homes as farm hands, companion animals and therapeutic pets.



Max, Sire


Max’s AKC Pedigree









Sophie, Dam


Sophie’s AKC Pedigree










To see Hula in her first year of action, go to:



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