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Preschool, elementary and middle school youth can attend camp at Sunnyside.  Our objective is to empower the older students and help them to realize their own leadership skills, while they help to develop the younger students’ confidence, sense of belonging, and higher-order thinking skills.  At the same time or in special groups, the younger participants are encouraged to learn the helping ways of socialization, communication, and safety.



Kids enjoy all the animals, especially the Fjord Horses.  They learn life skills that initiate change and good behavior.  All aspects of horses and horsemanship are used in our program: Western riding, English riding, bareback, and driving. Grooming, safety, care, health, horse anatomy, and young horse handling are also integral aspects of camp. Horsemanship skills are integrated with team projects, experiments, creative thinking and horse-related art. Combined, these elements provide a unique program with endless possibilities for education, growth and development.  



WHO:  Kids ages 3-12 are offered cross age tutoring opportunities and youth 13-18 are offered positions as Leaders-in-Learning

WHAT:  Farm life, Fjord Horses, Farm animals, Cooperation, Communication, Kindness, Friendship and FUN!

WHERE:  Sunnyside Farms

WHEN:  EVERY Tuesday and Thursday June through August

WHY: We help children learn to communicate, share, and care for others. We teach them about responsibility and kindness, happiness and hopefulness.