Together, We CAN!

Each year, each month, and at each moment, Sunnyside recognizes how our community expresses different needs for wellness.  Most currently, this relates to the effects of isolation, stress, depression, and anxiety relating to COVID-19.  We hear you, and your demand for online education and your need for wellness activities.   We want to help you meet those needs with resilience.  Sunnyside Farms is adjusting the way that we do things and wenare currently working to provide virtual opportunities.  We will continue to grow with the needs of our community and try hard to meet the stresses and demands of this trying time.

There is hope for the future and power in the present!

In the meantime, tap a toe, wash your hands and share love, not germs!

Stay tuned HERE for online resources,

educational opportunities and fun activities!


With social isolation and quarantine protocols in place, you can still do a farm drive-by!  Print these images for your children to color!                                      


Take a virtual tour of the farm!

For today, enjoy an online reading of Soulshine!

For those of you who may want to use Soulshine as an educational resource, we have designed a Learning Guide to assist you!

Throughout this pandemic, our foal Zinna has been busy positing a Daily Digest with facts about Fjord Horses and fun thoughts.  We’ve compiled her PSA’s into one great video!  Check it out!

Sunnyside has a robust YouTube Channel that can provide hours of education and entertainment where you can meet and greet the horses, and take tours of the farm!


Follow us on FaceBook and Instagram to enjoy activities at the farm and obtain our latest resources for fun activities and online education!


Sunnyside will be following regulations and offering a 2020 Farm Camp with adjusted safety and distancing protocols!

Kids’ online art classes, free!


For our older aspiring artists, click below for 10 on-line university art classes, free!


Online gardening for kids!