Dungård is honored to be the Brockamp

“Special” Barebackpad dealer

in the US!

Available in two sizes, both come with a girth
Horse : 22 inches (pictures on 14.2 hh Fjord)
Pony: 17 inches
The Pads are:
-handmade in Italy
-top material is suede (real leather)
-underneath is anti-slip neoprene
-anatomic fitting
Brockamp Barebackpads glue the rider on the horse, while still allowing enough space to move. It is easy to clean (no machine washing!) with a brush and wet wipes. It is really comfortable to sit on/ride and provides, with an appropriate pad underneath, fantastic weight distribution and spine clearance!
NOTE: Leather is a natural product and colors can vary depending how the leather takes the dye. No pad is like the other!

If you would like to order a pad, please email Dungård with your size and color choice.  Due to high demand, orders can take up to 5 months if your choice isn’t in stock. Order now to make sure that your pad will be in the next delivery from Europe!