Soulshine Educational and Wellness Program!

We are so pleased to announce the support of the

Arthur M. Blank West Philanthropies for our Soulshine and Wellness Program.

Soulshine, is a story that begins with a view across the history of Norwegian Fjord, facts about the horses, how they arrived at Sunnyside Farms, and what they can accomplish when their future foals are born for a lifetime of service.  We believe children will enjoy knowing that together, with helpful human stewardship, horses and people can fulfill their destiny and enable their souls to shine.

We will distribute the book, in conjunction with a hands-on farm experience, to early childhood (K) learners via 5th grade “cross-age tutors”.  Our objective is to empower the older students while simultaneously helping them to realize their own leadership skills, while they assist in developing younger students’ sense of belonging, reading comprehension and higher-order thinking skills.

Starting in September 2019, expect the kids attending school throughout Park County

to experience Soulshine 

through our Educational and Wellness Program!