Sunnyside Survivors

At Sunnyside Farms, we are very thankful for our service men and women who help keep us safe during these trying times. The mission with Sunnyside Survivors is to provide respite for weary veterans in a warm, peaceful, healing environment, one soldier at a time. Here, we offer equine-inspired growth and healing for those who may be wounded emotionally and/or physically.

Equine-assisted therapy can ease the soul of individuals with varying emotional challenges. These may include: trauma, depression and anxiety. Sunnyside’s gentle Fjord Horses are bred, raised and trained to provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP). With their help, we can provide growth, learning, confidence, and spiritual healing, one veteran at a time.

At Sunnyside, we use our Fjord Horses to challenge, invoke change and develop kind and gentle ways to approach the world around us. In this way, veterans can make peace with their past by replacing devastating memories/experiences with a new special relationship… one soldier : one Fjord connection.

Sunnyside invites veterans who seek to find a more positive world through the help of a Fjord Horse and good, old-fashioned farm work. If you enjoy horses, like to get down and dirty, can work hard, love animals, have a desire to learn, and seek to discover a new path, this might be just the thing for you!

Sunnyside Survivors: Reining in the power of the Fjord Horse to plow the way into a brighter future.

Our Veteran interns must be:

  • willing to develop effective communication skills;
  • interested in learning about horses;
  • able to interact with animals;
  • eager to work with children;
  • open to develop a positive attitude;
  • willing to work hard in a variety of settings and situations (which may not always be horse related);
  • open-minded to take on an array of tasks;
  • available 2-5 days per week and commit to 4-5 hours each day;
  • drug and smoke free;
  • able and willing to work independently;
  • responsible and capable of living without a cell phone/internet for a few hours;
  • recommended by a school, church or community member or referral; and,
  • able to transport themselves to and from the farm daily (or stay at the farm).

Our Veteran-therapy program begins in the summer and lasts a lifetime. We offer Fjord Horse assisted therapy to those who engage in self-help, with positive growth being inevitable.

“We Don’t Accomplish Anything, IN THIS WORLD ALONE…”
– Sandra Day O’Connor, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (ret.)

Our Veteran interns will be able to:

  • gain and/or increase their horsemanship skills;
  • obtain positive, healthy coping skills;
  • develop farm and horsemanship skills that can lead to sustainable employment;
  • nurture spiritual healing;
  • reset and replace wounded emotional feelings with positive and pleasant memories;
  • assist in managing a horse farm, both in the business and work sense that can lead to employment related references and resume development;

  • develop communication and equine training skills;
  • work with and around foals;
  • learn about horse breeding via hands-on opportunities;
  • groom and prepare Fjords to join in special events where participation brings positive emotional rewards;
  • develop and/or improve your riding and driving skills; and,
  • obtain college and/or professional credit hours.


Our Veteran internship program provides a positive and healthy environment! Our gentle Fjord horses can help you develop positive growth while assisting the horses to maintain their health and well-being. This experience provides a sustainable cycle of healthy energy which results in long-lasting skill-building, emotional healing, and on-going communication development. Here, horses and humans meet new friends and obtain invaluable assistance from one another. The many benefits include:

  • hands-on equine experience daily;
  • obtain skills that can lead to future job opportunities;
  • find emotional healing;
  • improve self-help skills;
  • learn very valuable thinking and processing skills – thinking “outside the box” – in farm business and maintenance terms; and,
  • develop coping skills through equine-assisted therapy.

We feel that, by working with the Fjord Horses at Sunnyside Farms, personal growth is inevitable and that the rewards are priceless. If this is the opportunity you’ve been wait-ing for, wait no longer!

Please complete the brief application form below. Application forms are due by February 1 prior to the season of interest (earlier applications are happily accepted). Live-in positions are available. Preference will be given to those able to start early and be commit for the entire summer. Please feel free to inquire about additional positions throughout the fall and winter season as well.

*Photos courtesy of Kasee Lawson, Montana Army National Guard