Holly Cruger

Board Member – Veterinarian and Director of Equine Health for Sunnyside Farms, Inc.

62 O’Halloran Road,  Wilsall,  MT  59086 / holly_2438@hotmail.com

Holly Cruger grew up in the rural town of Grant, Alabama. She was brought up around a variety of animals and also veterinary medicine as her mother was a veterinary assistant.  At a very young age,  Holly naturally decided that she wanted to become a veterinarian. 
Fast forward a few years, Holly achieved that dream. She obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University in 2015. Since graduation, she has been practicing small animal medicine both in Alabama and now Montana. She hopes to volunteer for dog sledding races in Alaska, especially the Iditarod. 
Although Holly primarily practices small animal medicine, she loves working with horses.  She has always enjoyed riding and caring for horses whenever she could.  At age 10, she was given her first horse.  Since then, other than a small hiatus in college, her life as always embraced at least one horse.
Holly currently has 1 horse of her own and keeps a few Sunnyside Fjords too!  She also has 4 dogs, and 1 parrot that keep her busy when not working.  Holly has enjoyed her time hosting Fjords at her barn and they are quickly becoming her favorite breed – gentle giants full of personality. She is looking forward to seeing the good these horses can bring to all those around.