Our original Soulshine storybook is a tale about a young Norwegian Fjord Horse named Lilje. The story traces the history of the breed, their origination, facts about the horses, how they arrived at Sunnyside Farms, and what they can accomplish when their future foals are born for a lifetime of service of helping people. We believe children will enjoy knowing that together, with helpful human stewardship, horses and people can fulfill their destiny and enable their souls to shine.

Soulshine is a multi-subject children’s book designed to stimulate early childhood learning, a passion for reading and youth empowerment.  The color-less version invites a child’s imagination to fly and create a world in their own colors as they see it!

About the artist:
Patricia Leffingwell considers herself blessed to have had a good life with a good man, a good horse, a warm loving home and art supplies. 
Living the life as a  Montana ranch wife,  instilled in her an appreciation for nature, solitude, wildlife, hard work, horsemanship and all the beauty Montana has to offer. 
On the ranch, Patricia spends many hours traveling horseback, always carrying a little watercolor travel kit in her saddlebags.  Regardless of the days work, she stops, taking time to sketch and record simple watercolor vignettes of ranch life and the beauty around her.