Senior Moments

Seniors and their families need support.  We facilitate support through the kindness of our senior horses who are their mirrors in aging, cognitive processing and movement. Much has been said and written about the special sensitivities of horses. We provide an array of opportunities for exercise, emotional connection, memory development and companionship for senior humans and horses. Even with a small amount of time at Sunnyside, seniors of both species can continue to move, think, feel and love.

When working around our older Fjord Horses, the elderly can overcome anxiety and depression, work on building self-confidence and non-verbal communication, decrease a sense of isolation and empower themselves to take on other challenges in their lives.  Sunnyside seniors may learn how to groom, halter, feed and lead the older horses who especially appreciate this tender care. The Norwegian Fjord’s natural inclination to interact honestly and safely with humans make it the perfect animal to allow seniors to conquer fears and meet the physical tests of growing older. 

Senior horses need tender care and special management. Aging and the needs of horses and humans rolling into their golden years can be difficult times for all. Positive experiences leading to a boost in morale can go a long way. The realization of kindness is moving. Time spent between senior horses and humans can immerse an aged soul in natural energy and aesthetic beauty.

By inviting seniors to Sunnyside Farms, we offer an environment that brings vitality, excitement, peace to troubled and challenged minds, calms inner fear, and and warms the hearts of all.



  Sunnyside Farms would like to thank our generous sponsors for helping to make this program possible!