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Sunnyside Farms is a lovely 2 acre farm that is not only the home to a wonderful Norwegian Fjord Horses and small animals, but also to that of a lovely non-profit that provides alternative forms of behavioral health to people in our community.   We are bordered by Cottonwood and offer nice paddocks for our horses and their small furry and feathered friends.  In addition, we have an organic food garden, lovely picnic areas and places to stay and experience farm life at it’s best in the west.

We have a quaint and meticulously-kept property where people WANT to be and love being, where they remember coming for a lifetime, and a place that makes an impact on your future.  We work hard to manage what we have, and it shows in the happiness of our animals and our participants and guests.

We provide positive and rewarding opportunities through which guests can focus their energy and passion for animals while experiencing daily positive, rewarding and life-changing outcomes.  Additionally, we enjoy helping to make dreams come true.  Life on vacation offers the time and focus needed to take on “something new” and we can provide the experiences and skill sets needed to turn a “new leaf” and take a different path with the entire crew at Sunnyside!!

Here in our small community of Clyde Park, our participants can gain the knowledge and insights to learn about responsibility and kindness, happiness and hopefulness.

Our guests develop communication  skills that are associated with the animals; they encounter veterinary issues as they arise; and they are given the opportunity to care for and manage farm animals in a structured environment that balances independent work with set duties on a daily basis. We promote goal and task-oriented achievements using project based learning. These tasks may include grooming, daily feeding and care, and equine management and maintenance.

At Sunnyside Farms, we strive for what is different, unique, special, exotic, reliable and remarkable.   Glamp and Sunnyside and you’re be sure to want to stay!

Just ask Walder!

If you want to know what a stay at Sunnyside Farms might be like, check out:

How about a little glamping at Sunnyside?!?

Meet some of our Sunnyside Friends!  

Farm Stay Guests Should:

  • Enjoy getting dirty
  • Have a desire to learn
  • Enjoy being around animals
  • Enjoy working outside
  • Possess a fun-loving and positive attitude
  • Be willing and physically able to work hard in a variety of settings and situations (which may not always be horse-related)
  • Be open-minded to take on an array of tasks
  • Be available to commit to at least 4-6 hours each day (sometimes more in special occasions)
  • Be drug, alcohol, and smoke-free
  • Be able and willing to work independently
  • Be willing to try new things
  • Have appropriate farm clothing
  • Have their own transportation (to/from the farm)

Farm learning begins in the summer and lasts a lifetime. During your time here, you will do many things!

Our Farm-Stay Friends Can:

  • Gain and/or increase your horsemanship skills
  • Learn animal handling skills
  • Gain animal husbandry skills skills
  • Learn how to care for and manage farm animals
  • Manage and maintain a garden
  • Learn about and get hands-on experience with foals
  • Groom, prepare and participate in farrier and veterinary visits
  • Help maintain and manage a horse farm
  • Gain volunteer hours

Our Farm Stay Program is a win-win situation! We meet new friends and obtain invaluable assistance from your presence, and you score many, many benefits!

Some Perks Include:

  • Enjoying a fun glamping experience
  • Learning very valuable thinking and processing skills – learning to think “outside the box” – in farm sense
  • Gaining new skills through farm management
  • Obtaining a sense of purpose and achievement

We feel that the Sunnyside Farm Stays offer priceless benefits. If you want to travel with a purpose, love animals and have a desire to learn more about farm life, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, wait no longer!

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If you want to come for an extended period of time, consider our internship or live-in farm hand positions!