Take a Fjord Horse Home

Throughout each year, Sunnyside Farms offers some select horses for sale. They are often exceptional weanlings that may be excellent equine therapy prospects, or occasionally, a trained mare may become available that is being replaced by its young prospect.

In addition, we occasionally offer consignment horses that have been evaluated through our program or once owned by Sunnyside Farms. If it is an older horse, you can guarantee that it rides, drives and has been through extensive testing and training to be a wonderful therapy Fjord. Whatever the case may be, you can “bet your buying dollar” that the horse is exceptional and that you won’t find anything more qualified, or skilled.

Our horses are raised with hands-on love and care, daily maintenance and attention, the utmost best of health and farrier care, discipline, direction and affection. If you purchase a Fjord from Sunnyside Farms, you’ve just crossed over to the “other side” where friendship, companionship, trust and love lasts a lifetime.

Interested in taking a Fjord home or including a Fjord in your program? Please click the button below to get started.