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The King of Kardinals

King Kardinal On March 12, 2018 a little red headed soul entered our world... into the arms of those who love him.  Sunnyside Smedsmo's Kardinal arrived with wings to fly and a heart to soar.  He is a son of Smedsmo Gråen and HHEC Aaleyah, showing their recessive red gene and displaying character of the [...]

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Senior Moments

Senior Moments Seniors and their families need support.  We facilitate support through the kindness of our senior horses who are their mirrors in aging, cognitive processing and movement. Much has been said and written about the special sensitivities of horses. We provide an array of opportunities for exercise, emotional connection, memory development and companionship for [...]

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Baby Steps

Baby Steps   We believe that is important to optimize every moment of a Fjord Horse’s life cycle in order to bring about the fullest potential for mutually beneficial relationships between horses and humans. This principle has led to discovery of exceptional value in a socialization formula that is based on early training of Fjord foals [...]

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Open House

  Sunnyside Farms Open House In Celebration of the Week of the Young Child

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The Poquito Milagro

The Poquito Milagro Sometimes miracles happen.  On January 21, 2018, Smedsmo Gråen and Råds Luna experienced a poquito Milagro.  The last time this cross happened was 17 years ago (in 2001) when both Smedsmo Gråen and Råds Luna were still in Norway.  They were imported to America at the same time, went to different homes [...]

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A Little Bird Landed!

The Little Bird Has Landed! On January 15, 2018 a special little bird landed on earth.  Martin Luther King day became that much more special when Smedsmo Gråen and Vikkelsoe's Kunst welcomed Sunnyside Smedsmo's Colibri to our world.  This little saint is an old soul.  She came out ready to greet humans and dogs, be [...]

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Headed for Camp Sunnyside!

Sunnyside Farms' Fjords are hitting the icy road seeking a dusty trail and warmer climates in which to give birth to healthy foals!  Stand by for birth announcements from the desert.

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Stronger Together

Stronger Together At Sunnyside Farms, we are very thankful for our service men and women who help keep us safe during these trying times. The mission with Stronger Together is to provide kindness and support to the families of those who serve.  Here, we offer equine-inspired growth and healing for those who may be wounded [...]

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