Camp Sunnyside


Camp Sunnyside promotes social skills, communication, confidence, kindness, balance, safety and purpose in the lives of children through creativity, imagination and experiences with yoga, art and the animals at the farm.  Preschool, elementary and middle school youth can attend camp as our objective is to empower the older students and help them to realize their own leadership skills, while they help to develop the younger students’ confidence, sense of belonging, and higher-order thinking skills.  At the same time or in special groups, the younger participants are encouraged to learn the helping ways of socialization, communication, and safety.

Kids LOVE coming to Sunnyside Farms!


Kids enjoy all the animals, especially the Fjord Horses. By working with them, the kids learn life skills that initiate change and good behavior. All aspects of horses and horsemanship are used in our program: Western riding, English riding, bareback riding, and driving. Additionally, grooming, safety, care, health, horse anatomy, and young horse handling are also integral aspects of camp. Horsemanship skills are integrated with team projects, experiments, creative thinking and farm-related art. Combined, these elements provide a unique program with endless possibilities for education, growth and development.  

Fjords are known for their beauty, natural intelligence, gentleness, and patience.  Born into a special life on the farm, these horses and their young foals are small and friendly enough to enable children to relate meaningfully and safely in a setting that is just right for them.  We provide a mutually trusting and loving place where animals and humans can meet.


  We help children learn to communicate, share, and care for others.


We teach them about responsibility and kindness, happiness and hopefulness.


For over 25 years, Sunnyside has been offering a camp experience to young people in our community.  


At camp, we not only offer an experience, we offer a lifestyle.


To see what it might be like to experience Camp Sunnyside:



Let’s STAY HEALTHY and enjoy a wonderful wellness experience at the farm!


Campers: Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am-1pm June 4 – August 29

Booked by the day, week or month PAYABLE IN ADVANCE

August days may reduce depending on interest.

PLEASE EMAIL OR TEXT in advance to check for availability.


Supplies Needed to Attend:

A helmet, proper closed-toe footwear, clothing options/layers, rain coat, sun protection, a water bottle, snacks, a sack lunch, any special needs or supplies

We Supply:

Farm life, animals, art, gardens, music, yoga, and love  

PPE available for sale if you or your child needs sanitizer spray or a mask if desired.

CAMP RATE:  $50/child/day


Scholarships are available for less fortunate children… but, please remember, in order to make that happen, it takes a village.  Think about how you can give back and return the kindness.  What skills can you share with us at the farm?  Can you volunteer to help at chore time?  Do you excel at a certain trade?  We can always use a handy carpenter, electrician, plumber, welder, etc.!  We’ll offer our services so you can help us with yours!

PLEASE NOTE:  We reserve the right to postpone camp due to weather, sickness and attendance being less than 3 children.

Come August, things begin to slow down, families take their final vacations, school preparation begins.

We often reduce camp to one day/week and wrap up our season before Labor Day.  

Prior to signing up, please check availability and pay your child’s tuition in advance.

Following camp season, private lessons and therapy sessions can be scheduled throughout the fall. 

Thank you for the support and we look forward to seeing you!




Sunnyside Farms, Inc. would like to thank the individuals and businesses who help us to establish a scholarship fund so that children in our local community can attend camp.