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Sunnyside Adventures

Headed for Camp Sunnyside!

Sunnyside Farms’ Fjords are hitting the icy road seeking a dusty trail and warmer climates in which to give birth to healthy foals!  Stand by for birth announcements from the desert.

Sunnyside Does Can Drive

Sunnyside Farms is excited to attend CanDrive this July 2017!  

CanDrive is a great opportunity for recreational driving, improving driving skills for horses and humans along with exploring beautiful British Columbia and enjoying the magnificent Canadian Rocky Mountains.

The CanDrive camp is hosted by “House of the Friesians”. The House of The Friesians is located just outside the town of Invermere, BC, Canada, in the heart of the Canadian Rocky Mountains [near Banff].

Hitting the Trail

All the kids at Sunnyside Farms are getting ready to hit the dusty trail and migrate north to Montana for the summer! See you up North in May!