Stronger Together

At Sunnyside Farms, Inc. we offer holistic healthcare through Fjord Horse experiences.  Through stretching, we gain flexibility and agility. By engaging in a series of exercises beside a Fjord Horse, we can experience equine assisted psychotherapy while gaining power, balance and peace. Fjords offer a safe, sturdy, gentle, and voluptuous medium near which to engage in such exercises.  These exercises in elongation and movement can be very therapeutic to people limited in reach, movement and strength. The overall benefits create awareness of ones physical body, emotions and breathing. In this way, a greater mind-body-spirit connection can be made. Through Fjord-Inspired Flexibility classes, humans can relieve physical and emotional pain and feel revitalized and nourished.

Classes are offered on a 2:1 ratio where two individuals work with one Fjord Horse. One participant accompanies the horse on the ground,  while the other individual works through a series of exercises near the horses’s back.  Both participants offer release for the horse at various chakra (or energy) points.  Participants exchange roles and repeat the exercises. Within one hour, each individual develops their horsemanship skills, breathing techniques, flexibility, mobility, strength and agility. With the help of a Fjord Horse, we can do almost anything and we will be stronger together for it!

Calm your mind, develop conscious breathing, heighten your physical awareness, and gently open tight spaces in your body (and mind) by uniting with a Fjord partner. Try this approach and enhance your connection to and communication with the horses and yourself. You don’t have to be flexible or have any horse experience to participate. There are a wide variety of poses from beginner to advanced. Something for everyone!

“Together we can do so much, Alone we can do so little..”

-Helen Keller

See how we can be Stronger Together…


Sunnyside has a special affinity to those who fight the daily battle against cancer.  

The 2018 Cowgirls vs. Cancer Retreat nominees Electrified Me!

Bring it, ladies!