Sunnyside Farms Internships

As we grow older, it is important to become good role models for our younger equestrians. In the eyes of the horse, we are never experts, and learning opportunities are endless. At Sunnyside Farms, we don’t claim to know everything, but we hope to be able to share what we do know! Sunnyside invites aspiring equestrians, who desire to help with farm operations, to become interns for the summer season. If you are good with young students, like to get down and dirty, can work hard, love animals, and have a desire to learn, this might be just the thing for you!

At Sunnyside Farms, we specialize in Fjord Horses! Our horses and experiences are those of pleasure. People like to make their experiences memorable and full of joy. Our Sunnyside Fjords are a great way to fill your summer with of adventure.

Our Student Interns Must:

  • Possess strong communication skills
  • Have horse knowledge or a desire to learn
  • Enjoy being around animals
  • Enjoy working with kids
  • Possess a fun-loving and positive attitude
  • Be willing to work hard in a variety of settings and situations (which may not always be horse-related)
  • Be open-minded to take on an array of tasks
  • Be available 4-5 days per week and commit to 4-5 hours each day
  • Be drug, alcohol, and smoke-free
  • Be able and willing to work independently
  • Be responsible and capable of living without a cell phone/internet for a few hours
  • Provide a school, church or community recommendation or referral
  • Have transportation daily (or stay at the farm)

Our learning begins in the summer and lasts a lifetime. During your time here, you will do many things!

Our Student Interns Can:

  • Gain and/or increase your horsemanship skills
  • Learn training skills
  • Improve your riding and driving skills
  • Learn how to evaluate horses
  • Have the opportunity to work with and around foals

  • Learn about and get hands-on experience with horse breeding
  • Groom, prepare and participate in special events
  • Help maintain and manage a horse farm (some things not so fun) both in the business and work sense
  • Gain college and/or professional credit hours

Our internship program is a win-win situation! We meet new friends and obtain invaluable assistance from your presence, and you score many, many benefits! To name a few:

  • The opportunity to ride and or drive horses every day
  • Learning very valuable thinking and processing skills – learning to think “outside the box” – in farm business and maintenance terms
  • Gaining new skills through our Farm Camp – by educating our next generation and being a mentor to youth
  • Obtaining credited towards college and/or professional certification

We feel that the Sunnyside Internship Program offers priceless benefits. If this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for, wait no longer! Please fill out the simple application below. Applications due by February 1 prior to the season of interest (earlier applications are happily accepted). Live-in positions available. Preference will be given to those able to start early and be committed throughout summer. Please inquire about further positions available throughout the fall and winter.