Riding Lessons

riding lessons

At Sunnyside Farms, we base our future on past experiences. We learn to look ahead and move forward with grace. We teach about and with Fjord horses in a positive manner and supportive attitude, with an incremental approach emphasizing rewards and praise. Sunnyside riding lessons focus on more than just actual riding. The students develop many skills outside of their mastery of horsemanship. While they embrace horsemanship and riding, Sunnyside’s focus is a bit more inclusive. Students gain life skills such as: positive communication, trust, honesty, values, congruent behavior, and anger management. In addition, the horses help students with subjects of education and learning, which include: reading, writing, geometry and other mathematics skills as well as and drawing. At Sunnyside Farms, our students’ horsemanship skills grow as a natural result of development in these other areas.

At Sunnyside, we have a strong base of knowledge, and focus on safety, balance, and confidence. We exhibit humane and loving attitudes towards all animals. We are approachable and display special warmth towards the beginners and those who are challenged and might need extra time (or help) to absorb information and develop their skills.  

We teach with and about Norwegian Fjords. Their warm hearts and gentle temperaments make them outstanding schooling horses. They are highly socialized, consistent, stable, confident, gentle, kind and friendly. Sunnyside lesson horses make best friends and perfect family companions!

Lesson Rates:

Private lessons are $75/hour and include: haltering, leading, grooming, saddling, bridling, balance and riding.

Semi-private lessons are $125/hour with a 2 person maximum taking turns riding.

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