BE Sun Aware!

We all know that working with and around horses requires immense amounts of time in the sun.  This year, we are setting out on a campaign called 6-S to Success in Sun Protection, for young outdoor enthusiasts in our communities!  Coined after Australia’s skin protection program from the ’80’s, we say:  Slip on a shirt; Slop on some sunscreen; Slap on a hat; Seek shade; Slide on some sunglasses; and Swig some water to stay hydrated! 

This outreach provides awareness, practice and prevention that can protect our kids from the damaging rays of the sun.  By sharing information and providing tools in a 6-S Kit, we can help keep kids to be safe while enjoying a lifetime outside.  They can pass along the message and have an impact, with a purpose and an easy way to share what they know with their friends, helping to reduce the risks of cancer greatly!  

Check out our kid-initiated and created 6-S trailer: