Fjords are known for their beauty, natural intelligence, gentleness, and patience. Born into a special life on the farm, these horses and their young foals are small enough and friendly enough to enable children to relate meaningfully and safely on a daily basis in a setting that is just right for them.  

We provide a mutually trusting and loving place where animals and humans can meet.  Through these meetings, we create opportunities for illumination and for the soul to shine.

As children travel on rural roads throughout Park County, Montana, they may see a Norwegian Fjord Horse.  Sunnyside has created a children’s book about this horse, its origination, appearance, size, and use.  Our book can:  

-Stimulate young children’s interest and desire to read by providing an exciting and inviting story;

-Increase students’ motivation to learn by utilizing a cross-age peer tutoring approach;

-Improve literacy skills by reading and visiting Sunnyside Farms where our unique horses live.  

Soulshine, is a story that begins with a view across the history of Norwegian Fjord, facts about the horses, how they arrived at Sunnyside Farms, and what they can accomplish when their future foals are born for a lifetime of service.  We believe children will enjoy knowing that together, with helpful human stewardship, horses and people can fulfill their destiny and enable their souls to shine.

We plan to distribute the book, in conjunction with a hands-on farm experience, to early childhood (K) learners via 5th grade “cross-age tutors”.  Our objective is to empower the older students while simultaneously helping them to realize their own leadership skills, while they assist in developing younger students’ sense of belonging, reading comprehension and higher-order thinking skills.

If you want to learn more about our Soulshine program,

please see our pilot program here:

For today, enjoy an online reading of Soulshine!

For those of you who may want to use Soulshine as an educational resource, we have designed a Learning Guide to assist you!


We wish to thank Mountain Sky Guest Ranch Fund and Altria Group for their assistance in creating and publishing this children’s book.  We will have it in the hands of our local children in the near future!