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About Us

Throughout any given year, the horses of Sunnyside Farms contribute to the aesthetics and cultural enjoyment at various community events and activities. Whether it be conducting kids’ camps, participating in parades, celebrating historic events, making an appearance at special events, or giving wagon rides at a farmers market, Sunnyside Farms continually provides its neighbors and community members with a more rich and enjoyable life experience. Primarily, we strive to help those in need and bring peace to those who struggle by breeding horses suitable for therapeutic purposes. The power of the Fjord horse can deeply move the soul of a human.

For over 20 years, Sunnyside Farms has been breeding Fjords destined to help those with special needs. Our focus includes generating grey dun Fjord horses because this rare and recessive color tends to be paired with a gentle disposition. In 2016, only 40-some new foals were born and registered within the US Registry (NFHR). By this we are faced with an obvious dilemma. We have one simple goal: To preserve, protect and promote this diminishing breed in all its historic splendor.

Sunnyside Farms is a small Norwegian Fjord breeding program devoted to securing the future of this great horse. Many other breeders join us in this mission. In November of 2016, Sunnyside was granted a 501(c)3 status. We hope that our mission and this status will give donors the incentive to make sizable contributions to our cause.

May the Fjord horses capture your heart, as they have ours, and may your passion grow so that your desire to help in preserving this great breed be strong! Mighty as Fjord Horses may be, they need our help!