Driving Lessons

horse driving lessons

At Sunnyside Farms, we love to drive! First and foremost, we start all of our horses to drive. We then add riding to their resume at a later time. We believe that driving is the foundation to a horse’s life skills. Driving can be enjoyed by multiple horses and humans simultaneously, making it a special moment when the carriage is put to good use.

We offer beginning to intermediate driving lessons, and also therapeutic driving lessons for those with special needs. As a PATH-certified driving instructor, Wendy really understands the needs of each individual who may desire to take on driving. Be ready, though – the lessons are very intensive, all-inclusive, and enjoyed in 3-hour blocks, with a minimum of one lesson per week.

The ‘ole pros say that you’ll need a whole lotta driving under your belt before you want to go out and drive in traffic, town, or a parade! Once you start, you’ll be addicted!

To experience a driving lesson for yourself, view: