Sweetie Wheaties

Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers are an exuberant mid-sized, non-shedding dog that were originally bred for farm work in Ireland.  Here at Sunnyside Farms, we incorporate the joyfulness of our dogs into the therapeutic aspects of our farm. Our pups were raised along side the horses, goats, sheep, hens, bunnies and people and display great social skills, joy and happiness in every person that they greet.


Due to their pleasant, active nature, Wheaten Terriers have the ability to make anyone smile.  We raise puppies within our therapy program continuing to promote and place them in homes where their spirit is beneficial to families and individuals.



As nephews of our dear Ono, we hope that our boys will do their jobs helping on the farm, greeting foals, overseeing wagon rides, and offering companionship.

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Join us in watching their creation, birth, growth and rearing!

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