Baby Steps

  We believe that is important to optimize every moment of a Fjord Horse’s life cycle in order to bring about the fullest potential for mutually beneficial relationships between horses and humans. This principle has led to discovery of exceptional value in a socialization formula that is based on early training of Fjord foals in a “Baby Steps” program. This program includes regular encounters between Fjord mares, foals, small children and their families. To translate this into best therapy results for children, one must have the right environment for the right horse of the right size at the right time of life. This brings out the strongest natural affinities and mutually caring interactions that can possibly arise, especially with children in need of therapy.

Sunnyside believes that there are complementary opportunities for children in need that can be coordinated with the early progression of our foals as a therapy horses. We facilitate positive experiences through the kindness of our mares and foals who are mirrors to young children in cognitive processing and motor and social skill development. We provide an array of opportunities for understanding, emotional connection, learning, and companionship for young children and horses. Even with a small amount of time at Sunnyside, developing youngsters of both species can continue to move, think and feel.

When working around our Fjord foals, the young children can overcome anxiety and fear, work on building self-confidence and non-verbal communication. In this way, children can empower themselves to take on challenges in their developing lives. At Sunnyside Farms, children may learn how to groom, halter, feed and lead the foals who especially appreciate this time with young people close to their size. The Norwegian Fjord’s natural inclination to interact honestly and safely with humans make it the perfect animal to allow children to conquer fears and meet the challenges of learning, growth and development.

Early childhood learners in our community need support. Foals need tender care and special management. The early years of young humans and horses can be challenging times as their minds desire stimulus and bodies require exercise. Positive experiences leading to a future development can go a long way. The realization of kindness is moving. Time spent between foals and humans can immerse a young soul in natural energy and aesthetic beauty. By inviting young children to Sunnyside Farms, we offer an environment full of vitality, excitement, education, and peace.     

To experience a few Baby Steps for yourself, view: