Sunnyside Farms Programs – Something for Everyone!

Throughout any given day, Sunnyside works to maintain lasting relationships with our Fjords. Its a revolving door of endless giving. The human helps socialize the horse and the horse helps to make a better human.

Get Involved

Fjord Horses have been used to assist humans for thousands of years. They were used in war as part of the cavalry; as jousting horses during the age of chivalry; as a mode of transportation; as the source of power to pull various vehicles; working in the fields; for sport; and for pleasure. Horses have long time been cornerstones in the lives of humans. Its fair to say that, in exchange, humans have also helped to desensitize and socialize the horse. This Fjord Horse is one that is adaptable to various environments; willing to learn new things; is NOT easily reactive to stimulus; and most importantly, this horse is gentle and kind, willing and forgiving.

Today’s Fjord Horses are those of pleasure. People like to make their experiences memorable and full of joy. Our Sunnyside Fjords are available for riding and driving lessons, kids camps, equine-assisted education and therapy, your personal experience, parades, tours and special events. Our farm offers a wealth of opportunities for learning, education, skill creating and confidence building. Whether you are a parent with a young child or an adult with a desire to help and/or learn, someone seeking wellness or integrated health, a senior missing the saddle or woman seeking empowerment, you’ll find the experience for which you long at Sunnyside.