Experience a Fjord

On-Site Time Share


Sharing is caring at Sunnyside Farms. Do you wish to have your own Fjord, but don’t have horse facilities? Do you dream of having a horse, but aren’t sure that you are ready to take the plunge of ownership? Would you like to experience what it might be like to own a Fjord? Sunnyside Farms has the program for you. While we completely understand that horse ownership is a HUGE responsibility, we also feel that the commitment should be taken VERY seriously. There are many aspects to horse ownership, and the financial obligation is only a fraction of the aspects that need to be considered. Let us help you determine whether horse ownership is for you. Experience a time share with horses at Sunnyside Farms!

The first step to horse ownership is to determine whether it is a financially feasible endeavor.  Then, consider the location that you have in mind.  Will it accommodate a horse?   Then, find the horse that fits you.  Maybe a test run is a good idea?  By this, we mean, come to Sunnyside Farms and find a Fjord with whom you connect. Next, commit to spending time with that horse 3-4  days a week. During those days, you can come to the farm (during a designated timeframe) and do any number of selected things with that horse. You must also provide care and love for that horse as if it were your own during chore time. We offer one scheduled riding or driving lesson during each week and the rest of the time is yours to enjoy “your” horse.  Before its over, you will be ready for true ownership!

Weekly Rates:  $75/hour/lesson and $40/visit (no lesson and only “general” supervision) 3 – 4 times/week

Requirements:  1 lesson/week, 3-4 visits/week, help with am or pm chores to maintain your horse.

To see what it might be like to experience a Fjord: