Value the Veterinarian

Dr. Karin Thomasson and her assistant Joe perform general dentistry on Seljeset Wendy to help maintain her optimum nutrition and performance.

Veterinary care, especially for equines, can be particularly costly. At Sunnyside Farms, we try to provide our horses with the highest standards of care. Thus, we practice preventative maintenance for our horses. Much of the time, we are able to provide our own veterinary care. But, alas, things come up. For the vet to make a home visit, the cost of one simple ultrasound to check for pregnancy can be $100, plus trip fees! In the process of getting a mare bred, multiple ultrasounds may be required. Can you imagine the healthcare costs for eight mares and a stallion or two? Helping to offset our veterinary expenses would provide HUGE relief. Please consider assisting with our horse health-care today!