Rocky Kalani  Lima 



Sumo-Sized Therapy Pup

Sunnyside Farms

Rocky was born at the farm with a guiding light.  

He was destined to become a therapy dog for Sunnyside Farms!

On October 31, 2021, Halloween was full of treats as Hula and Kui welcomed their much awaited litter of puppies at a steady flow.  Much to our surprise, the trick was that we were greeted with many MORE little dark balls of love than expected.  Just as we thought that she was finished, Hula popped out one last very large pup.                                                   Rocky has been our Sumo ever since.  

With a large presence to match the great love that we have for his namesake,                                                                                  you can’t resist a smile when you see him.  

Because a smile says a thousand words and is a sign of happiness, we’re sure that Rocky is the perfect onset to our puppy therapy program:  SSF PTP.  When you’re down and lonely, contact Sunnyside for a little PTP!

There are many ingredients that complete behavioral health.  Get a dose of Rocky.  

You’ll be glad that you did!

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Rocky in Therapy-Dog Training:  Season 1, Episode 1:  And Then There Were Two

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