A short January day brings new light!

Sunnyside Farms is proud to announce the arrival of Sunnyside Smedsmo Zinna!  The short days of January were made a little brighter by the early morning (1:53 am) arrival of this delicate yet sturdy little soul.  The first time mama Wendy foaled with courage and strength as the father, Smedsmo GrĂ¥en stood aside in support of the birth of his most recent daughter.  Zinna was quick to stand, suckle and do all the things that healthy foals are supposed to do.  She’s a true delight in a tiny little package.  With her, the first daughter of Brijol to be born in the U.S. we are excited and proud to have this healthy baby on earth. 



To see Zinna in action, go to:


We thank and congratulate Amy Goodman for giving Zinna a wonderful, loving home!