NFHR:  Pending | German Imported Grey Stallion

12 H, 750#, Bone 6.5″

DOB: 6-17-2023 

Riano is our most recent bright star on the farm.  After much research, time and communication with our friends abroad, we found our next up-and-coming grey stallion.  The impressive stallions Rion and Skagen gifted this young colt with recessive grey coloring and impeccable genetics, and we’re excited to say that Raino offers new bloodlines to the American Fjord gene pool.  Riano’s breeders, Aneta and Gerd Altmeier, selectively breed just a few mares each year and contribute greatly to the quality of Fjords in Europe.  They outdid themselves with this colt and we’re lucky to call them our friends.  Riano was awarded with top notch scores as a weanling and we’re expecting great things from him in the future.  Sunnyside Farms would like to thank the incredibly generous support from Kent Horntvedt for sponsoring the import of Riano.  You did well for the breed on this one, Kent.  We promise to make you proud with the foals that we hope to produce in the future.

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