Smedsmo Gråen


Gone But Never Forgotten


 NFHR:  N-J-1546-S | Norwegian Imported Grey Stallion 

14.1H, 1100#, Bone 8″  

DOB:  5-26-1996

A Norwegian native, Smedsmo Gråen was born and raised in the Mother Country of Fjord Horses. Smedsmo’s 5 week stallion station performance tests put him in the top 10-20% of all Fjord stallions tested in Norway. He received three perfect 10’s. During any given year, 85% of the stallions shown don’t make it to the tests at all. Smedsmo Gråen is one of the elite boys of the bunch and one of the greatest Fjord stallions of all time. He will, without a doubt, continue to put some outstanding foals on the ground. We are very honored to have Smedsmo Gråen here at Sunnyside Farms and will do our very best to see that he enters his golden years with grace and in excellent health and fertility.

Smedsmo is a shadow of the past and a reflection of perfection in Fjord breeding for the future. While his progeny numbers are above 140 world wide, he can still continue to improve Fjord stock. He will improve temperament, conformation and movement to any breeding program. We will breed select and limited mares both in Montana during the summer and Arizona during the winter months. Please inquire for pricing, a contract and booking.


We were blessed to have had the opportunity to love and be loved by Smeds for 8 years.  He was the cornerstone of our breeding program, the light of our lives and who made Sunnyside what it is today.  Words can never express what he meant to us and the loss that we feel with his absence.  He was the grace in our lives every single day.  We are so grateful to have his daughters Talene, Mina and Soleia in our program and will forever cherish his temperament, build and breed character in them.  Rest in peace, lovely boy, spread your unicorn wings and fly far and wide, bringing a smile to every soul in the heavens.  5-26-96 – 8-1-23


In memory of Smeds… we will miss you more than words can ever express…



Evaluation Scores Nordfjordeid, Norway 2001:
Second Premium
Riding: 8
Trail Riding: 10
Driving: 9
Work Driving: 9
Loose Jumping: 7
Driving in Traffic: 9
Behavior in Stall: 10
Overall Impression: 9
Temperament: 10
Durability/Overall Health: 8

Height: 147cm
Girth Circumference: 187cm
Tape Measurement: 155cm
Cannon Bone: 20cm
Cannon diameter: 7.2cm

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