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Sunnyside Farms is excited to take part in Give a Hoot, Park County’s 2nd Annual Community Giving Challenge!

Give a Hoot, hosted by the Park County Community Foundation, is a community-wide giving challenge that celebrates Park County’s spirit of generosity and supports the life-changing work of Park County nonprofits.

Kicking off on July 10 and concluding on August 8, the community giving challenge helps organizations, like Sunnyside Farms, raise much-needed funds and bring awareness to the pressing needs in our community.

Gifts made to participating organizations during Give a Hoot are amplified by a partial matching grant provided by the Park County Community Foundation – making your dollars go further!

We hope you’ll support Sunnyside Farms and our mission to: 

Provide life-changing education and therapy in association with the Norwegian Fjord Horse

Please donate to SUNNYSIDE FARMS during Give-a-Hoot by giving online HERE!

Or by filling out this form and mailing it to Park County Community Foundation!

By doing so, you can help us to:

1. Promote behavioral health and wellness through empowerment opportunities associated with the Norwegian Fjord Horses and farm animals at Sunnyside.

2. Provide impactful and educational equine-related experiences for those who are socially, emotionally, mentally and physically challenged in life;

3. Provide an organic venue for behavioral health and wellness for people living in rural Montana communities, especially for those at-risk, with special needs and less privileged.

4. Provide economic and emotional relief for parents in rural communities whose children crave healthy outdoor activities, empowerment opportunities and education through farm-based learning.

For more information, contact us or visit

THANK YOU for your support!