A special Mother’s Day – Jumpin’ Jeppe!



Born on Mother’s Day, 2023, Sunnyside Farms and Frontier Fjords are proud to present the first foal by our lovely stallion, Njord Halsnaes. Sunnyside Njord’s Jeppe is a vigorous newborn who was quick to get life dialed and move on with all the important details:  stand, suckle and move!  Jeppe gives the word, “motherhood” a new meaning.  

We’re proud of this brown dun fella and look forward to his future in Idaho with his buddy Kåre.

Now proudly owned by Ann and Jordan Samiee

Njord Halsnaes x Corgi Hill Soleia (Erlend x Smedsmo Gråen)

Brown Fjord Colt

To see Jeppe in action, go to: