Mevan, the sun is shining!



As his name suggests, Mevan brought a bright ray of sun to the farm when he arrived.  With his beautiful legs, strapping long neck and gorgeous top line, Mevan turns heads.  He has a tail that only a mink might share and he’s as handsome as his eyelashes are long.  His bloodlines are rare in the with only two other half siblings out of his mother Heggnes Terna in North America.  Mevan is, without a doubt, a special guy and we’re so excited to watch him play and follow his future.

 This little guy was born as Sunnyside Brigg’s Mavin on June 11, 2022 and is a white colt (grey recessive) sure to impress!   

Brigg (Brijol) x Heggnes Terna (Brand)

White (grey) Fjord Colt


To see Mevan in action, go to:


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