The colt worth his weight in gold!



Nemo found home one cool, muddy, Montana morning.  Although his first day was full of adventure… including kids’ camp, playing in the field and suckling Mom’s good milk, his body just wasn’t prepared for what was to come.  On day two, Nemo was feeling pretty puny and he had to be rushed to the emergency room just to stay alive.  With help, Nemo fought hard and beat his “bug”!  Now he’s the golden boy of Sunnyside and worth his weight in every ounce!  We’re so excited to have him home and look forward to his future ahead.  

 This little guy was born as Sunnyside Brigg’s Nemo on June 7, 2022 and is a grey colt sure to impress!   His 3/4 sister (Brijol x Kamilla’s Tyri) has been the “mare of the year in Norway and is producing very special foals.  This little man can, too.

Brigg (Brijol) x Kamilla’s Tyri (Solli Gråen)

Grey Fjord Colt


To see Nemo in action, go to:


Nemo is now proudly owned by Aletha Carson!