Brigg stamps his approval on another filly!


Born on May 21, 2022, Preakness Stakes day and not all too soon.   Soleia was huge and gave birth to this big, strong leggy filly.  She’s smart, funny and fast!  She appeared grey from birth and Solly took to her new arrival just like any wonderful mother should!  It will be so much fun to watch them develop as a pair!

We’re excited to see where Omea’s future takes her!

Brigg (Frijol) x Corgi Hill Soleia (Erlend x Smedsmo GrĂ¥en)

Grey Fjord Filly

Congratulations to Heather Wright for the purchase of this beautiful filly

To see Omea in action, go to:


Omea is now proudly owned by Heather Wright!