The Poquito Milagro


Sometimes miracles happen.  On January 21, 2018, Smedsmo Gråen and Råds Luna experienced a poquito Milagro.  The last time this cross happened was 17 years ago (in 2001) when both Smedsmo Gråen and Råds Luna were still in Norway.  They were imported to America at the same time, went to different homes and Luna had a lovely filly, Annedahl.  Many years later, Smeds and Luna were reunited at Sunnyside Farms and bred again.  Today, a miracle happened.  We welcome Sunnyside Smedsmo’s Milagro, a large grey Fjord stud colt into the world and know that he will bring magic with every step he takes.  



Here is our miracle Milagro, just over one week old:  


We thank and congratulate Caitlin Andersen for giving Milagro a wonderful, loving home!

Our little Milagro is now learning to ride and drive and will be breeding mares the summer of 2020!  We are so proud to have this boy out of our treasured mare Luna in the world!