Our Little Rea of Sunshine!



Although she isn’t ready for the races, she’s ready for life at Sunnyside!  Tyri and Smeds did it again with their lovely grey filly Sunnyside Smedsmo’s Rea, born at 8:15 am June 6, 2021.  Just after chore time, Tyri’s water broke and she gave us the most beautiful show that a human could see, the immaculate birth of a beautiful grey filly.  We’re so pleased with the top line and legs on this little girl and wait with great anticipation to see her grow up!

We would like to wish Karin McCune all the best with this little grey girl and congratulate her for the addition of this beautiful mare into her program!


See what Rea has done in her first week:  



Stand-by for the future of this lovely Rea of sunlight!