A Terrific Dream Come True!



Two days after her 23rd birthday, and 2 years in making, our one and only beautiful red mare MH Tosca gave birth to an incredible red Smedsmo filly.  Sunnyside Smedsmo’s Talene was truly born with diamonds on the soles of her feet!  Initiating as an older mare who had suffered neglect and starvation, Sunnyside brought Tosca back and gave her a chance at making a new life.  

It didn’t come with ease and we faced many hurdles.  With dedication, devotion, passion, perseverance, care and love, we truly learned that there is a guiding light, and that the very themes from which Sunnyside has been built are indeed true.  Welcome to the world, little lady!


To tantalize your eyes in Talene:


Congratulations to Wendy Bauwens and Sunnyside Farms for having this incredible filly in your lives!