Heather McCord

Board Member – Child Support Specialist, Director of Human Relations and Fundraising for Sunnyside Farms, Inc.

2222 Willow Dr. #26A, Livingston,  MT  59047 /mccordheather5@gmail.com

Heather McCord is a delightful individual with humans on the brain.  Having worked in the public sector for over 20 years as a human resource professional and manager. She has a bachelor’s degree from San Francisco State University, is an IPMA, Senior Certified Professional in Human Resources and credentialed in basic and advanced mediation techniques from the Mediation Center of the Pacific in Oahu, Hawaii. She has always enjoyed developing people focused, practical solutions that assist organizations in developing business processes which align with core values and utilize the various strengths of their teams.  Heather can package a tough situation into a pretty picture and brighten anyone’s day. 

Heather is a life-long runner and enjoyed time in college working at a small running store where she led weekly runs and ran many marathons, eventually qualifying for and running the Boston Marathon. Most of all Heather enjoys learning new things and exploring the outdoors in Montana with her husband, James and nine-year-old daughter, Cali. As a sun-loving Californian/Hawaii resident, Heather and her delightful family moved to Montana to enjoy “Big Sky Living” and Sunnyside is sure glad that they did!  We’re so happy to have Heather and her daughter Cali on our team!