Virtuous Valentina!



Just missing the Cinco de Mayo celebration, Valentina made it to the world on May 6, 2022 for the after-party and turned heads doing so!  She is affectionately named after her Danish mother Vikkelsoe’s Kunst and Tina for short after her German father Tsjelle, and sure to make both parents proud.  DD Sunnyside Valentina is the product of admiration and collaboration between breeders at Sunnyside Farms and DungĂ„rd in efforts to expand and improve genetics in North America.  Valentina will, without a doubt, do that!

For that and so many other reasons, she is very special. 

We’re so excited for the future of this little girl!

See what Tina has done in her first week:  



Now proudly owned by Denise Vogel and Dan Watanabe!