Welcome to the World, Østar!


 After living in the lap of luxury at All West Veterinary Spa for nearly 3 weeks, our lovely mare Kamillas Tyri had her HUGE grey colt on April 24, 2018.  We are so proud of this Smedsmo son!  He is big, has wonderful bone, large size, kind and gentle temperament and lovely conformation… and he’s grey!  A stallion prospect for sure.   He is named Ørstar after the city in Norway (Ørsta) from whence his mother was born.  We are so thankful to have Tyri AND Smedsmo in our program.

Keep your eyes on this boy.  He’s gonna turn heads!  



To see our Star in action, go to:


We thank and congratulate Joyce and Eugene Concklin for giving Ørstar a wonderful, loving home!