The long awaited, highly expected, super anticipated Yani arrives!


The long awaited, highly anticipated, over- expected foal has arrived and Yani is here to steal hearts!  This, Sunnyside’s second Brijol foal in the U.S., and Brigg’s first daughter is something else!  Our young stallion is well on his way to being a landmark producer!  Yani’s dam, Soleia, is one of our cornerstone mares for programs and special events and we treasure this birth

Yani has strong, correct legs to the heavens, a wonderful, curious mind, eager spirit, inquisitive nature and healthy heart.  She stood and nursed within 30 minutes and was off and running shortly thereafter!  We are so excited to watch this foal develop!

Soon, we will be sharing her with the world at the NW All Breed Horse Fair and Expo in Albany, Oregon March 19-22, 2020.  She is sure to steal hearts!

A huge shout out to Megan Boardman and the crew at Forgotten Horse for all of their never-ending love and care that they devote to our horses!!!

To see Yani in action, go to:


We thank and congratulate Ginny Arnold for giving Yani a wonderful, loving home!